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All Incepa products are manufactured to NBR 13818 standards. In this way, it guarantees first quality "A" products against manufacturing defects, provided that the standards for its application and the correct specification are observed, according to the environment (see tables of PEI indicative of areas of use for the product packaging).

The warranty the products must be required by showing the invoice of purchase of the product and the packaging identifying its name and class, with no guarantee of labor or materials used for its application such as grouting and grouting.


  • The warranty excludes transportation, freight, insurance expenses, constituting such items, onus and consumer responsibility;
  • Damage caused by improper handling, incorrect installation and specification errors, contrary to the recommendations of NBR 13818;
  • Risks in bright products, chipping, since, by their intrinsic nature, ceramic materials are sensitive to these types of aggressions (risks and impacts);
  • The sand causes scratches in any type of coating, for this reason, the ceramic tiles are not guaranteed against scratches, especially those with shiny surface.
COMMENTS: Observe the rules of settlement, care in the execution and protection of the product against risks and impacts during the construction phase, as well as in the final cleaning, are the responsibilities of the manufacturer. Defects caused by these factors are not covered.

Inadequate cleaning products can attack the surface of ceramic products. Carefully observe the instructions on the packaging as there is no guarantee that incorrect cleaning products will be used.


Warranty will automatic be invalid if:

  • The invoice for the purchase of the product is not presented;
  • The product is installed in disagreement with NBR 13818 standards;
  • The product suffers any damage by accident (breakage), or agent of nature (rays, flood, sea air, etc.).


If your product proves to be defective in manufacturing, please inform Incepa Service immediately by calling 0xx41-2105-2500 or by email assistencia.incepa@incepa.com.br, but do this before setting the pieces.

"Product settled, product accepted".

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