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Founded in 1952, Incepa is one of the biggest companies of the state of Paraná and one of the most important of Brazil in the segments of ceramics, sanitary ware and metals. We bring full solutions of ceramic tiles with matching products for floor and wall. Some of the differentials offered are: flat edge, no-grout, tuttomassa, ABS, porcelain tile for swimming pools and porcelain tile in large formats. Currently, we have three factories, two in Campo Largo and one in São Mateus do Sul, in Paraná, and a team of more than one thousand collaborators.


The search for innovation is also a priority in the company. A landmark in this area happened in year of 1999, when Incepa was brought to Roca Group. This union made it possible to share new processes, advanced technologies and smart solutions.

The innovative and high standard design has also been a trademark of Incepa products. In order to develop lines always in compliance with the world trends, we now have a specific design center, Roca Design Center, in Barcelona, Spain. There, new ideas and products arise, which will be part of the people’s lives all over the world.


Our mission is to leave the next generation of employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community a bigger, stronger company with a sustainable profitability.


Be the leading industrial corporation that contributes the best bathroom solutions to millions of people around the world.


To have an entrepreneurial spirit; To be professional; To lead by example; To be committed.


Offer solutions for the ceramic tile market, developing, manufacturing and marketing products in a sustainable way, through continuous improvement, and that meet the expectations of our customers, complying with applicable legal requirements.


Care for the environment is a constant concern among all Incepa employees. In the two units - Campo Largo and São Mateus do Sul - modern industrial effluent treatment and recycling facilities recover and recycle solid waste and guarantee the treatment of water.

This ensures that the effluents do not cause any environmental impact. Particulate pollutants are also controlled. Incepa is also one of the first companies in Brazil to use gas as fuel, thus ensuring a lower environmental impact in the air.

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Campo Largo – PR
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