Incepa is with open doors to reveal new colors, textures, shapes and trends. But first we have a request: upon entering, notice. Stop. Look. Touch. Listen. Notice again. With the same enthusiasm of natural light that invades the houses in the early mornings, we look into the universal pleasure that exists in every way of living. This is where you can change your mind, your home decor, your taste, your colors! Creative freedom was a fundamental part of the birth of enchanting and sympathetic collections. After all, what is the home for, if not to be closer and closer to each other and to ourselves. Reveal the beauty of details and small moments. Captivate and attract those who are always around. Our launches covers of personality the choices of urban, classic, regional, informal families or those who prefer to dare and mix a little of each style. Around here the contrasts live in harmony. What matters is the will to feel, to stay and to return always. We hope you enjoy the visit, and do not forget, here you are, and always will be, very welcome.

Incepa. Your home, our history.

Av. Padre Natal Pigato, 974
Campo Largo – PR
CEP: 83.607-240
Fone: +55 (41) 2105-2500
Fone: +55 (41) 3391-1000