Incepa for professionals

Thinking about the professionals of Architecture e Design, Incepa launches this area of ​​downloads of its line through packages of images.
These images can be used in architectural software such as: Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Auto CAD, Promobi, Revit, among others.
The packages are separated by textures, making practical and easy to choose of the products for your projects.

Whites 1 de 1

Size:42.22 MB

Cement1 de 2

Size:72.79 MB

Cement 2by 2

Size:74.85 MB

Single Color1 de 1

Size:106.57 MB

Decorated1 de 1

Size:93.91 MB

wood1 de 2

Size:80.29 MB

Wood 2by 2

Size:94.53 MB

Marbled 1 de 3

Size:56.85 MB

Marbled 2by 3

Size:71.07 MB

Marbled 3by 3

Size:141.47 MB

Metallic1 de 1

Size:14.64 MB

Tablets 1 de 1

Size:106.75 MB

Stones1 de 3

Size:143.77 MB

2 Stonesby 3

Size:76.98 MB

3 Stonesby 3

Size:93.40 MB

Relays1 de 1

Size:59.72 MB

Rustic1 de 1

Size:79.78 MB

Vitrified 1 de 1

Size:62.61 MB