Grupo Roca, one of the most ambitious and successful business projects in the world, had the beginning of its history in the dream of its brothers. In 1917, Spain, the Roca brothers started a cast iron radiator factory. Combining the technology applied to the boldness of the partners, the business expanded rapidly, then began to manufacture bathroom products that today make the Roca brand synonymous with quality, with bathtubs, sanitary ware, metals, hydromassage bathtubs, hydrosaunas, furniture and other bathroom fixtures, as well as floor and wall tiles.

In 1999, after being present in much of the world, began its trajectory in Brazil when incorporating a traditional company of the branch, Keramik Holding AG Laufen, holder of the brands Incepa and Celite.

Today, with the tradition of almost a century, the Roca Group is present in 27 countries, relying on 72 factories, in addition to having commercial presence in 135 countries, employing 20.200 people. In the portfolio, it brings pieces created and manufactured to the highest quality standards, such as sanitary ware, metal for bathrooms and kitchens, baths and hydromassage columns, floors and ceramic tiles.

Corporate policy, which values ​​technological research, innovations in design and is constantly concerned with the environmental issue and with the development of human resources, has given Roca the leadership in most markets in which it operates, including in Brazil.