An Incepa communication channel with any part of Brazil that serves all clients, direct or indirect.

End-user services

Schedule: Monday to Friday - 8h00 at 18h00

  • Referral of technical assistance services;
  • Information on product sales points;
  • Channel for suggestions.

Services to resellers and builders

Schedule:Monday to Friday - 8h00 at 18h00

  • Confirmation of inventories;
  • Implementation of orders;
  • Information on orders, invoices and product deliveries;
  • Accompaniment of purchase, from order to shipment;
  • Indication of representatives for all Brazil.


Address:Padre Natal Pigato Avenue, 974 | CEP 83607-240 - Campo Largo - Paraná | Postal Box 1094

Contact: Phone: (41) 2105-2500