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Incepa Revestimentos Cerâmicos is always committed to meeting and satisfying the expectations and demands of its clients. Therefore, we prioritize the most sophisticated production process in the market, with high technology and quality. Working for the construction of excellent services and products, Incepa counts on more than one thousand employees prepared and highly trained in its areas of activity, making innovation a north in the manufacture of its products.

Have you ever felt curious to know how our products are born? In this video you will know all the steps of our production routine and surprise with the technology used in our manufacturing sites.
All stages undergo strict quality control, so that our clients always receive the best of our work in their homes and projects. In addition to having a strong ecological conscience, the Roca Group and Incepa value the quality of life of their employees, who together make our company a reference in the field of floors and ceramics.

Know the entire production process in this video that we prepare to bring you closer to our greatest passion: to present complete, innovative and responsible solutions to our planet.

Incepa has creativity as one of its most important principles, which is why it offers so many possibilities for you to develop your decoration with the sophistication of the most current trends. One of these features offered is the high variation of the designs, which perfectly recreate various types of materials. All through a state-of-the-art fingerprint technology, you get the result by accessing the Edition nº02 of Imagine Incepa Magazine.

The dramatic and pervasive form of the environment resembles the mansion of a James Bond villain or a Hollywood-producing recluse, but it is not the work of a renowned architect.

Newcomers to this city usually get the local hint of getting in the car and taking Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Ocean. It's a wonderful, world-famous ride. And it's also an initiation to the Californian myth without the disadvantages: you avoid the congested 405 highway, slide down rustic canyons where movie stars live and breathe the ocean breeze east of Brentwood, as if nature had supplied residents with air conditioning free.

On the same stretch of road, you will certainly find some of the city's bold architecture. Just before Pacific Palisades there is a tortuous hill, and clinging to it, a house cautiously balanced in solid concrete beams. The two-story wood-paneled residence seems to float dangerously over the road. It's an architecture that states, "This is not Cleveland." You then look up and remember earthquakes and shiver.

Source: Zero hour

More options for areas requiring products with greater resistance to slipping

Incepa presented first hand at Revestir 2014 the porcelain tiles with GRIP and GRIP PLUS finishing. In addition to the ABS porcellanatos, Incepa added in its portfolio other categories of slip resistant products with specific coefficients of friction for wet internal areas, residential sidewalks, internal stairs and balconies.

GRIP porcellanatos are ideal for wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms, where you want greater safety, with the advantage of a less rough surface and more practical cleaning. These products have coefficient of wet friction between 0,4 and 0,49.

The GRIP PLUS porcellanatos, because they have a coefficient of wet friction between 0,5 and 0,69, are indicated for use on residential sidewalks, internal stairs and balconies.

This newsletter contains important information that must be taken into account at the time of specification. It details the new categories of slip resistant products and presents the new GRIP porcellanatos options - products that are already part of the Incepa line but have had their descriptions altered and now complement the range of products with GRIP finish. They are products that, from now on, can already be indicated also for wet internal areas.


When choosing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles it is essential to take into account some important points. In addition to the design we must observe whether the technical properties of these products meet the uses for which they will be intended.

We should note the NBR 13818: 1997 and NBR 15463: 2007 that determine the parameters for the production of ceramic and porcelain plates and the NBR 15575: 2013 which establishes parameters for the performance of buildings.

According to NBR 15575: 2013, for the correct specification we must consider some factors such as durability and safety, considering the Usage Group, Chemical Attack Resistance (Stain), Mechanical Resistance, Limpability, Moisture Resistance and Friction Coefficient .

Coefficient of Friction

Special attention should be given in environments where slip resistance is required such as wet areas, ramps, stairs in common areas and terraces.

According to the product standard NBR 13818: 1997 the products must have coefficient of friction <0,40 for indoor installations that do not require slip resistance and 0,40 ≥ for areas where slip resistance is required. The NBR 15575: 2013 Performance Standard classifies these areas into:

Wet Areas - where water blade formation can occur, such as outside areas, bathrooms with shower (inside and outside the box) and service areas.
Wettable Areas - areas that may receive splashes, but do not result in shaping of water, such as bathrooms without showers, kitchens and covered balconies.
Dry Areas - areas not directly exposed to water, not even during cleaning.

Taking into account the standards, Incepa created classes that offer different levels of resistance to slipping - GRIP, GRIP PLUS e ABS - this way the products meet the requirements and efficiently meet all the uses described in these standards.

DRY INTERNAL AREAS: Use in environments where slip resistance is not required
Coefficient Motive Friction <0,4 

GRIP: Use in indoor wet areas
Coefficient Moist Friction from 0,4 to 0,49 

GRIP PLUS: Use on residential sidewalks, internal stairs and balconies
Coefficient Moist Friction from 0,50 to 0,69 

ABS: Use on pool decks, external ladders, ramps with maximum 10% slope
Coefficient of Wet Friction 0,70


New Usage Groups

The correct specification ensures good performance.

The criteria used for the classification of products under Usage Group are based on two main characteristics of the porcellanatos: resistance to wear e resistance under real conditions of application. Therefore, the choice of a product for a particular environment should take into account, in particular, the transferability of the environment, in order to guarantee the durability of the product.

The analysis of these characteristics results in much more reliable data for the correct specification of the porcellanatos. They are indicated for the following classes of conditions of use:

G1: Use on walls
G2: Use in bathrooms and residential rooms
G3: Use in residential units without communication with the external area
G4: Use in all residential units
G5: Use in all residential and commercial environments of medium traffic
G6: Use in all residential and commercial environments with heavy traffic

Resistance to Humidity

Ceramic coatings, when applied in wet or wettable areas, following the installation standards and recommendations of the manufacturer, if exposed to a water depth of 10mm at the highest elevation per unit of 72 hours, can not present after 24 hours of water withdrawal , any kind of damage like bubbles, cracks, stains, detachment, warping, surface disintegration etc.

The alteration of visible hue to the naked eye, due to humidity, is allowed and must be informed in advance by the manufacturer and must be stated in the user's manual, operation and maintenance.

Resistance to Chemical Attack

Coatings should also withstand the attack of low concentration acids and bases.


More options for indoor wet areas

Inspire yourself in environments that Incepa has prepared for you in this collection of solutions with design, performance and diversity.

Incepa brings material aimed at inspiring customers with beautiful and refined environments. A tool that is also used in sales outlets by the promoter team.

Have you stopped to think how much is invested in studies and research to point the trends in the world of decoration? Design creates and recreates so that content, form and people are increasingly in harmony. Daring surrounded by simplicity. Modernity with tradition. Nature within the urban. Decorating is also fashionable, and following the trends is what inspires people to reinvent shapes, environments and concepts.

Today the trend is to be different, unique and stand out among the competitors. Identical wood floors, sustainable architecture, with an aged appearance (peeled, scratched, old) and wall-coverings are part of the imagination of any interior designer.

Incepa believes in this and created perfect solutions for you to also let go of the imagination.


The Thá Group promoted in September of 2014 the first edition of Show THÁAD in the development 7th Avenue Live & Work in Curitiba-PR. The exhibition was held in apartments of the project and had the decoration, design and development created by students of the Architecture and Urbanism and Interior Design courses of some of the main universities of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

The exhibition aims to give students the opportunity to get to know the job market and to identify talents of architecture and design.

A Starting in and Rock could not be outside, since the materials used in the exhibition are from the same suppliers who participated in the project 7th Avenue Live & Work, which until now is the largest work of Thá Incorporadora, with more than 73 thousand m2 distributed in three towers counting on sustainable solutions.


Setting: Couples
Photographer: James Marçal

Environment: Chef
Photographer: James Marçal

Environment: Cyclist
Photographer: James Marçal

Environment: Student
Photographer: James Marçal

Atmosphere: Executive
Photographer: James Marçal

Atmosphere: Music
Photographer: James Marçal

Atmosphere: Photographer
Photographer: James Marçal

Embraco research, in Joinville, presents a compressor that promises to revolutionize the refrigerators. Design daring, lighter and portable are some of the changes.

10 years ago, Embraco was studying a way to eliminate the use of lubricating oil in its compressors (one of the main components responsible for generating cold in a refrigerator). The substance has always been a concern because it is harmful to the environment and can contaminate the soil and water if the product is disposed of improperly after its life. Got.
The company is the first in the world to overcome all technological barriers and launch a product that can be applied in new refrigerators and freezers. The announcement was made this Wednesday, at the company's headquarters in Joinville.

In addition to the absence of oil, the compressor consumes less energy, is quieter (that noise we hear comes from the compressor) and helps conserve food for longer because there is less temperature oscillation inside the refrigerator.

The more compact size (and 50% lighter) and the possibility of being placed in any position (the present ones are restricted because of the oil) also open the way for the development of refrigerators with innovative design.

- This innovation will allow free thinking of the industry. The refrigerator will no longer be a simple rectangle as we know it today. The compressor is the biggest limiter, "said Wagner Luiz Freitas, director of research and development at Embraco.

Novelty has no date to reach Brazil
Embraco's Vice President of Research and Development and Operations, Lainor Driessen, says it is not possible to tell when refrigerators equipped with this compressor will be available in Brazil. The company also did not advance values ​​for the final consumer. Negotiations with clients in the United States, Asia and Europe are ongoing. According to Driessen, the expectation is to get the return on investment of about $ 40 million in three years. He expects the product to occupy a large share of the company's overall revenue.

Source: Zero hour.