Since 1952, when it was incorporated, Incepa is driven by innovation. This made it one of the largest companies in Paraná and one of the most traditional in the ceramic industry in Brazil.

When he became part of the Roca Group at 1999, he started to share the most advanced technologies, with productions developed in various parts of the world, as well as the assimilation of new, simple and revolutionary solutions, such as water saving, the group's great interest in adapting to environmental issues and in making responsible products with the planet. Another innovation brought by the Roca Group is the high investment in design, including a new specific center for developments in this area, the Roca Design Center in Barcelona.

It presents complete solutions, through coordinated products floor-wall, in addition to brand differentials, such as flat edge, dry joint, tuttomassa, ABS, porcellanato for swimming pool.

Today, with more than 60 years of tradition, Incepa employs more than a thousand workers in its three manufacturing units, two in Campo Largo and one in São Mateus do Sul, in Paraná, offering to the market more than two thousand products, and still presenting around 100 new every year.

Approximately 20% of the production of floors and coatings that Incepa manufactures annually are destined to export to several countries of the five continents, especially the United States.