Try it, change it, create it… do it your way! More color, more love, Stone, wood, concrete, for you to adore. The calm, the routine; Speed, stop, balance; One way, another way. Your way. After all, what is your way of living? Urban, classical, informal or regional are collective forms that transcend time, culture, gender and age. Incepa’s ways of living amplify the perspectives of projects and show that our houses are spaces that express who we are.

The 2018 new releases are a part of this discovery. Attention to small details that go from the monochrome to the explosion of colors. Creativity transforms spaces to find the ideas that match your way. We think about everything, freedom is the word of order to mix styles and discover new possibilities.

Av. Padre Natal Pigato, 974
Campo Largo – PR
CEP: 83.607-240
Fone: +55 (41) 2105-2500
Fone: +55 (41) 3391-1000